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LEADERSHIP has been founded for seventeen years by 2014. we have provided domestic and international customers in various industries with not only strategic construction and management transform support but also strategic decision support to the development of new industries, new markets, new products and new technologies and so on. Our customers all have their own unique characteristics and the tasks entrusted to us vary for their backgrounds and details. For every consulting project, we work hard and aim to solve problems of our customers. Today, LEADERSHIP has staked its place among the strongest management consulting enterprises in China.
With the increasing link and interdependence of global economy, it is essential for an enterprise to develop a good development strategy and implement it successfully to create value and maintain long-term prosperity in the economic ups and downs. A good strategy can provide enterprises with solutions to complex issues and help them establish a long-term dominance, while a long-term dominance is the best trial to a development strategy. The greatest challenges facing enterprises decision-makers are the decision-making under conditions of uncertainty, which requires the corporate decision makers have a distinguished strategic thinking mode and adopt a dynamic approach to manage and develop strategies and improve the strategic insight and leadership art in the great change period.
With a new mode of strategic thinking and a global, industrial and strategic vision, from thought to action, LEADERSHIP aims to assist customers establish a strategic dominance and enhance their capacity for value creation and sustainable development.
It is no exaggeration to say, every day we work intensely for the customers at home and abroad even in the period of financial crisis and the global economic recession. Among our customers, there is no lack of world-class enterprises and China’s well known enterprises. Meanwhile, we also provide strategic and decision-making consulting services to government agencies, research institutions and industry bodies.
With the growing influence of technology, the generation of new information and the development of new markets, we are witnessing a fusion of complexity and difficulties, which is rare in the history. The complexity and diversity of business environment have brought us numerous uncertainties and challenges. Especially the enterprises innovation and transformation need to detect accurately the signal changes in market demand and keep up with the pace of market development. In today's highly developed information technology era, the information on the internet is updating all the time and the customers can obtain their needed information through a variety of channels in a timely manner, which means they have mastered the right to choose for the first time. How to uncover the deep-seated needs of these groups is a complex problem facing the decision-makers.
We have always been adhering to the service principles: objective, fair and effective services; completely responsible; sincere cooperation with customers; seeking common progress and development. Relying on our rich consulting practices, most valuable information and professional service capacities, we devote ourselves to help customers learn the challenges they may be faced with and explore the strategies of innovation and transformation.
We hope that we are making progress everyday and to create more miracles together with our customers!
                                                                                                                                                                         Hongjun Sun