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Service Flow
Purchasing Process
1. Initial contact: initial communication and discussion against clients’ consulting requirements.
2. Business schedule: sign consulting contract; enter into remittance procedures.
3. Project operation: in 3-5 days, finish dynamic updating of appointed reports.
4. Report submission: reports are submitted into clients’ hands.
5. Service support: one year free data updating services are provided, if needed.
Custom service process
1. Initial contact: clients get familiar with leadership services, while leadership gets to know clients’ consulting requirements and confirm their consulting object and scope; start initial business communication.
2. Business schedule: project proposals are put forward; after mutual agreements, sign consulting contracts.
3. Project operation: special leadership consultant team is formed, keep close interaction with clients.
4. Intermediate report: consulting draft reports are submitted; after intermediate reports and communication, formal reports are formed.
5. Formal report: formal reports are submitted; with clients’ acceptance, enter into business schedule to finish the projects.
6. Service support: leadership provides necessary data update, consulting reports and program change & improvement services.