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Emerging industries

Survey Consulting on Emerging Industries
Provide industry survey consulting services, which are key strategic emerging industries China Government promoting internationalization;
We provide reports in Chinese or English.
We provide reports for industrial and commercial enterprises; universities and scientific research institutions; financial, security and investment institutions; industry management institutions (associations, clubs); government authorities.

Subjects and Contents:
1. Survey on the whole industry chain of strategic emerging industries, research on the international development level of each link of the value chain;
2. Survey on the direction, important points and trends of the development of strategic emerging industries;
3. Survey and analysis on the key links, enterprises and markets, and the development of industrial clusters;
4. Survey and analysis on the field of international trade and investment of strategic industries;
5. Survey and analysis on intellectual property protection, brands, marketing channels of strategic industries;
6. Market survey on common and key technologies of strategic industries of China;
7. Market survey on the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements of strategic industries of China;
8. Market survey on terminal products of strategic emerging industries of China.

Survey consulting areas of strategic emerging industries:
LEADERSHIP provides customers industry survey consulting services, which focus of the eight areas of strategic emerging industries Chinese Government promulgated;
(1) Electronic Information
New display: including liquid crystal display devices, PDP, OLED, laser display, special display modules and components;
Intelligent appliances: including artificial intelligence products;
Software: including system software, embedded software, and digital speech software.
IOT: sensors, RF devices, intelligent instruments, Internet-aware products.
Computers, electronic components, audio-visual products, communication equipments, integrated circuits, semiconductor packaging;
(2) Energy Saving & EP Industry
Energy saving & EP equipments: including waste harmless processing equipments, electric transmission and transformation equipments of smart power grids, lightweight manufacturing of equipments with high consumptive materials;
Energy-saving products: including green lighting products, energy-efficient appliances, energy-saving materials, LED epitaxial wafer, chip and supporting devices;
Comprehensive resources utilization: including waste recycling, green products, environment-friendly materials and chemicals, biodegradable products, low-emission products, environment- friendly alternatives.
(3) New material industry
High performance metal materials: including new high-strength alloy materials and lightweight materials.
Silicon-based new materials: including PV glass, energy-saving building glass, display glass, energy-saving building glass, semiconductor materials, and key equipments for silicon-based materials.
Electronic materials: including high-end electronic copper strip, super-thin electronic copper foils, metal powders, and magnetic materials.
New polymer materials: including new engineering plastics, biodegradable polymer materials.
Others: including rare-earth functional materials, high-performance film materials, high performance fibers and their composites.
(4) Bio-industry
Bio-pharmaceuticals: including new pharmaceuticals, branded generics, special active pharmaceutical ingredients, diagnostic reagents, regenerative medicine, high-end medical equipments, and so on.
Modern Chinese medicine: new varieties of traditional Chinese medicine, animal extracts, plant extracts, and health care products.
Bio-manufacturing: including bio-based green chemicals, bio-based macromolecular materials, and new zymin;
Bio-agriculture: bio-breeding, green agro-biological products.
Others: including genetic engineering, cell engineering, fermentation engineering, biochip technology, tissue engineering technology, pharmaceutical chemicals, biomedical materials and artificial organs.
(5) New energy industry
PV industry: silicon-based solar cells and components, thin-film solar cells and components, grid-connected power generation devices and systems, large-capacity storage battery, etc;
Biomass energy: non-food bio-ethanol, bio- petroleum, biodiesel, straw briquette, and gas;
Clean coal: including coalbed gas, rock gas, coal-based gas conversion and utilization;
New energy equipment: including nuclear power equipment, geothermal utilization equipment, pumped storage station, smart power grids;
(6) High-end equipment manufacturing
Flat panel display, integrated circuits, e-manufacturing equipment, major technical equipment sets, aviation equipment, satellite, application industry, rail transportation equipment, marine engineering equipment.
(7) New energy vehicles
Including full vehicle, high-performance electric machinery, single cells, battery modules, body electronics, fuel cells, electric vehicles, new energy vehicle charging stations, and filling stations.
(8) Public safety industry
Communication safety: navigation equipment, microwave communications, network security products;
Production safety: disaster monitoring, fire detection and warning, new flame-retarding material;
Food safety: food screening and detection apparatus, food testing instruments and equipments.

Emerging industries